All organisations have in effect two tasks - the one they are set up to do, and a second task of developing and maintaining the processes for doing it. Our focus on the world of work and organisations is reflected in the design of the Bayswater Working Conference, which is known as the ‘double task’ model.

Members bring a 'back-home' task to work on, so their experiences of working in their groups, and the dynamics of the Conference as a whole, are linked to their work situations back home, and are not split off into separate worlds.














































About Us

At the Bayswater Institute we use the methods and findings of the Social Sciences to help organisations. We work with individuals, groups and organisations to help them manage and implement change. We help our clients develop their capacity to work through problems with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The Institute helps them to find creative ways of achieving sustainable change. We support and assist them to integrate human and social considerations with economic, structural and technical factors.

We offer professional services to clients across a range of sectors. These include consultancy and coaching; applied research and action research; evaluation; professional development and training courses and conferences.