Consultancy and research for an acute hospital trust

A four-year working relationship with a large acute hospital trust covered research, consultancy, group work, organisation diagnosis and individual professional coaching. The client wanted organisation consultancy to the hospital. At the time an integrated Hospital Information Support System (HISS) was being newly introduced, and the relationship with the Institute was attached to that, because the HISS would pervade the whole organisation. During the four years, we:

  • Attended the Project Board’s weekly meetings, working with them on the Board’s dynamics and relationships;
  • Researched the organisation and the impact of the computer system by tracking patients through the hospital, once before the system was introduced and again afterwards.
  • Chaired and worked with a monthly meeting of HISS departmental co-ordinators about the issues they were encountering
  • Carried out a diagnostic study to identify Key Management issues, folllowed by detailed reports on three of he issues: bed state and bed managemenet, contracting, and internal charging for physiotherapy
  • Wrote an account of a transitional system devised by the hospital's project team: a fictional patient, to whom all kinds of dire things happened and who came to be known as "poor old Henry", was used to explore the functioning and collaboration of the different departments, as an aid to integration. 
  • Held regular coaching meetings with the staff member charged with benefits realisation.         

Organisational consultancy to:  

  • The management team of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division of the new British Library;  
  • The European Foundation of Drug Helplines (FESAT);
  • The Institute of Family Therapy                  
  • Swindon Borough Council