DR. WILLIAM MATON-HOWARTH - Executive Director (Project Development)

Bill Maton-Howarth joined the BI in April 2014.

Bill originally studied for his BSc, and a PhD in Solid State Physics, at Imperial College, London. Following post- doctoral research at Cambridge, he obtained some direct industrial research experience before moving into research management and Government policy making at the Department of Health (DH).  Over a period of thirty years, Bill was involved in managing health research in areas including: diagnostic imaging, Health Technology Assessment (HTA), cancer, diabetes, heart disease, genetics, antimicrobial resistance, eHealth, risk, vCJD, health protection, health-care associated infection, new and emerging infections, hepatitis, and Less Invasive Autopsy.  During this time, Bill was also seconded for two years to the Cabinet Office, working for the Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor on science policy and with a particular lead on emerging technologies. 

In the early 1990’s Bill was closely involved in setting up the DH's Health Technology Assessment Programme, which now forms a major plank in the overall National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) programme.  In 2003 he was appointed Chief Research Officer for Public Health at DH.  In 2006 he was also asked to take a lead in establishing the Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme as part of the NIHR R&D strategy.   During this time Bill also worked closely in collaboration with the Technology Strategy Board in establishing the Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP) and the Detection and Identification of Infectious agents (DIIA) Innovation Platform, and took a lead role in piloting and developing the renewed cross-Government Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Programme.

Since the end of March 2012, when he left the Department of Health, Bill has been acting as an independent consultant working with clinicians, universities, funding agencies and business to assist in the identification of effective and cost-effective innovative products and services, and to identify ways to accelerate their translation into the healthcare sector.  During this time, Bill has also been acting as an independent scientific expert for the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and for the European Commission.

The University of West London awarded Bill an honorary Professorship July 2010 and an honorary D.Sc. in 2014.