All organisations have in effect two tasks - the one they are set up to do, and a second task of developing and maintaining the processes for doing it. Our focus on the world of work and organisations is reflected in the design of the Bayswater Working Conference, which is known as the ‘double task’ model.

Members bring a 'back-home' task to work on, so their experiences of working in their groups, and the dynamics of the Conference as a whole, are linked to their work situations back home, and are not split off into separate worlds.














































Executive Coaching

We provide ongoing coaching for Executives, Leaders and Managers, either for development purposes or as part of their professional maintenance programme. We offer confidential one-to-one sessions with one of our consultants.  We support clients in recognising the impact of their own behaviour on work issues.

This enables them to improve their working patterns through skilful management of their workplace relationships, and to reflect on how they relate to colleagues and managers.

We help clients to clarify personal and organisational goals, in order to develop their own capacity for strategic thought and sustainable leadership.

Where relevant, issues around work delegation and staff supervision can be explored.  Consultants pay attention to work-life balance and stress management.  

Essentially, we are led by what the client needs and our work with them is based on a relationship which is both challenging and supportive.

Coaching can range from two intense sessions, to fortnightly or monthly ongoing sessions which can be used by Senior Managers as part of their regular maintenance routine.