All organisations have in effect two tasks - the one they are set up to do, and a second task of developing and maintaining the processes for doing it. Our focus on the world of work and organisations is reflected in the design of the Bayswater Working Conference, which is known as the ‘double task’ model.

Members bring a 'back-home' task to work on, so their experiences of working in their groups, and the dynamics of the Conference as a whole, are linked to their work situations back home, and are not split off into separate worlds.
















































Bob Collingham

Bob’s background is in banking and finance, where he pursued a career in HR management. He was Head of Training & Development at Chartered Trust, a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, for a number of years and was latterly Head of Development for the Asset Finance Division of Lloyds TSB, during which time he jointly developed an action learning degree programme.

Malcolm Ballantine

Organisational psychologist with experience in academia, and consultancy in the private and public sectors. Currently teaches the socio-technical systems module on the University College London MSc in Human Computer Interaction.



Penny Jones

Worked as a psychologist in the NHS and in various educational roles before spending five years at the Tavistock Institute. Following work in EAP (French Business School) and research at Peper Harow (Therapeutic Facility for teenagers and young adults) she, with Peter Riach, directed Peper Harow for four years, formed the consultancy PJR and then continued to work, with colleagues, on individual, group and organisational issues across all sectors.

Alan Dale

Alan Dale has been a pioneering training and management development manager in the NHS, a lecturer at the London Business School, Associated Professor at the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management and - for the last 23 years - owner and M.D. of Spain's leading personal development holiday company. He is especially interested in the interaction between development, effectiveness and the characteristics of the systems in which people work - their organisational tasks/purposes, structures, cultures, workflow, technologies and environments. [Photograph to follow]